Top 20 Lifepo4 Battery Manufacturers in China 2022

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Publish Time: 2022-11-24

As energy demands and environmental concerns continue to grow, lithium batteries are gaining popularity as a reliable renewable energy source. These advanced lithium-ion batteries are durable, lightweight, and deliver high power output compared to lead-acid or nickel-cadmium alternatives.
But as the demand for these powerful and efficient batteries continues to grow, so does the need for top quality lifepo4 battery manufacturers who can produce them at an affordable price and still comply with safety regulations.
China has a long history of producing world-class consumer electronics, and this includes their lifepo4 battery production process.
In this blog post, we take a look at 20 leading Lifepo4 battery manufacturers in China in 2022 who have a proven track record of reliably delivering quality products that meet current industry standards.
So whether you are a lifepo4 battery dealer, installer or contractor, this guide will help you find your next partner manufacturer!


Top 20 Lifepo4 Battery Manufacturer


CATL is the No.1 Lifepo4 battery manufacturer in the world

Established: 2011

Company Profile:  Contemporary Amperex Technology Limited (CATL) is currently the world's largest manufacturer of rechargeable lithium battery systems. This state-of-the-art technology company is a leader in performance and safety, offering the longest lifespan, highest efficiency level and the highest resistance to aging among lifepo4 batteries. Occupy about 38% of the global market share.

CATL focuses on innovation and continuously invests resources to create more advanced lithium battery solutions with higher cost performance and more competitive prices. As evidenced by its numerous awards for quality, excellence and achievement in battery industry research and development, CATL has an industry-leading brand image further underscored by its commitment to sustainable development.

Through a series of advanced materials and advanced equipment, CATL batteries provide excellent performance for applications such as electric vehicles, energy storage systems, personal electronics and portable power resellers.

Increased demand from government agencies, large corporations and enterprise customers indicates CATL's products are well received in the market. CATL's innovations in battery technology will surely push the market further toward electrification in the future.

Intellectual Property: Trademark 441, Patent 5343, Software Copyright 62.

Website: https://www.catl.com/



2. BYD

BYD Enterprise building

Established: 1995

Company Profile: BYD is a China-based company primarily focused on battery and electric vehicle technology. BYD has crafted a strong brand image and market position through the efficient use of eco-friendly options.

Since BYD entered the auto industry in 2003, it has been involved in the development of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid technology, some of which have already hit the market. Its products also include traditional fuel vehicles, buses and coaches, utilities, forklifts, and more.

BYD's commitment to sustainable development is also reflected in their research into e-mobility solutions powered by renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. BYD is involved in the construction of photovoltaic systems, as well as inverters and batteries. With this comprehensive service portfolio, BYD is a leader in innovation in industries that are integral to our daily lives.

Intellectual Property: Patent 141.

Website: https://www.byd.com/




CALB enterprise building

Established: 2007

Company profile: CALB is a recognized leader in the battery industry, known for the quality and performance of its products. CALB offers a wide range of batteries including Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4) and high voltage traction batteries.

The rich product line enables AVIC Lithium Battery to meet the needs of different application fields such as electric vehicles, energy storage systems, industrial automation, power tools, uninterruptible power supplies, drones, and toys.

CALB's many years of experience in the field allows them to provide reliable battery solutions at competitive prices while ensuring customer satisfaction. CALB is known for providing advanced technology and custom product solutions to clients worldwide.

Intellectual Property: Trademark 37, Patent 1153, Software Copyright 10.

Website: http://en.calb-tech.com/



4. Guoxuan hi-tech

Guoxuan enterprise building

Established: 2006

Company Proflie: Guoxuan Hi-Tech is a leading lithium battery producer with more than 21 years of experience and world-class research capabilities. Guoxuan Hi-Tech has set the benchmark for safety and reliability and established its leading position in the new energy market by continuously delivering breakthrough innovations.

Guoxuan Hi-Tech's business scope includes advanced lithium battery cell and module processing technology, as well as research and development and production. Guoxuan Hi-Tech's products are widely used in energy storage systems (ESS), electric vehicles (EV), power tools, mobile devices, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), medical equipment and other industries.

With its comprehensive advantages such as mature technical capabilities, strong global industrial chain resource integration, and artificial intelligence robot manufacturing facilities, Guoxuan Hi-Tech continues to lead the market and meet growing customer needs.

Intellectual Property: Patent 6053, Software Copyright 125.

Website: https://en.gotion.com.cn/



SUNWODA enterprise building

Established: 1997

Company Profile: Sunwoda is a leading brand in the battery industry, famous for its advanced production lines and cutting-edge technology. It not only manufactures batteries but also provides a series of service solutions from design to research and development of lighting systems.

SUNWODA products are used in multiple industries and applications, including electronic lifestyle, power tools and transportation. Over the years, its innovative high-performance solutions have won numerous honors and awards.

SUNWODA's competitive advantage lies in its mature Global Quality Management System (GQMS) and its commitment to adhering to the highest standards of safety, reliability and efficiency in the manufacture of its products.

Companies also invest significant resources in finding new ways to further improve their products and processes to ensure customers receive an excellent return on investment.

Intellectual Property: Trademark 107, Patent 467, Software Copyright 68.

Website: https://en.sunwoda.com/



6. EVE

EVE enterprise building

Established: 2001

Company Profile: EVE is a high-tech professional lithium battery manufacturer. EVE has established a strong market position worldwide with its reliable and widely compatible batteries for a variety of applications.

Its business scope mainly focuses on the research and development, production and sales of various lithium batteries and related products. EVE products can be used in medical equipment, electric vehicles, energy storage systems and solar storage products as well as industrial control, signaling systems and LED lighting applications.

EVE also provides services, including product design and system integration solutions tailored to meet customer needs. EVE's core strengths include high-quality cells and battery packs with longer service life, improved safety features with enhanced protection features, customized solutions with shorter lead times, and optimized energy density designs for more efficient performance.

All EVE products come with an associated PICC Certificate of Insurance for your complete peace of mind.

Intellectual Property: Trademark 306, Patent 1147, Software Copyright 1.

Website: https://www.evebattery.com/en




SVOLT enterprise building

Established: 2018

Company Profile:SVOLT is a professional battery supplier, which has occupied a place in the global market for a long time.

Its business scope includes independent research and development of lithium batteries, sales and distribution of core components, and comprehensive technical solutions, and its product applications cover green energy storage products and electric vehicles.

The three core advantages of SVOLT - excellent performance stability, cost-effectiveness and supply reliability - have jointly become the preferred supplier of many industry giants. Therefore, the most valuable asset of SVOLT is its proven track record of delivering these qualities across the board.

Intellectual Property: Trademark 125, Patent 3719, Software Copyright 34.

Website: https://www.svolt.cn/en/



8. Farasis

Farasis enterprise building

Established: 2009

Company Profile:Farasis is a battery manufacturer specializing in the production of high-performance lithium-ion batteries. Since its establishment, the company has become a major player in the international market and positions itself as a reliable supplier of high-quality batteries for commercial and industrial applications.

Operating across industries ranging from automotive to energy storage solutions, it focuses on delivering reliable, ultra-high performance products that are safe and sustainable.

As far as their core strengths are concerned, Farasis focuses on technological innovation, green energy sustainability practices, excellent customer service, and strict quality control processes to ensure that every product they offer meets customer expectations.

They pride themselves on offering reliable products that are cost effective while still maintaining a high level of eco-friendliness.

Intellectual Property: Trademark 105, Patent 263, Software Copyright 1.

Website: https://en.farasis.com/




REPT enterprise building

Established: 2009

Company Profile: REPT is a leading battery manufacturer with over 20 years of expertise in the industry. Has established operations in more than 30 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, working with some of the world's largest electronics brands.

REPT focuses on high-performance battery and energy storage solutions for a wide range of applications including automotive, transportation, and renewable energy storage. Its core strengths include proven innovative technology, reliable quality, comprehensive customer service and support, and optimized cost structure.

Meeting global challenges by listening closely to market needs to provide state-of-the-art solutions that meet stringent safety requirements.

Intellectual Property: Trademark 76, Patent 314, Software Copyright 14.

Website: https://chinarept.com/




TAFEL enterprise building

Established: 2014

Company Profile: TAFEL stands for reliability, durability and economy in the development of long-lasting batteries. has grown to become one of the most recognized manufacturers of battery products across multiple categories, including automotive and marine batteries.

Its business scope includes the production of a wide range of cost-effective batteries, and efficient services such as warranty programs, timely delivery and continuous product development. Battery products have been used in a variety of applications ranging from backup power to emergency lighting solutions - demonstrating their versatility in different markets.

TAFEL's high-quality assurance standards are certified by EaseTrust, and advanced technology for fast charging performance, and exceptional customer service are embedded in every interaction with customers. But the core strengths are low cost, operational reliability and various options for customizable solutions - making it ideal for anyone looking for a premium battery.

Intellectual Property: Trademark 10, Patent 710, Software Copyright 3.

Website: http://www.tafel.com.cn/



11. Lishen

LISHEN enterprise building

Established: 1997

Company Profile: Lishen is a leading battery manufacturer offering a wide range of products ranging from consumer electronics to industrial applications. LISHEN battery has the characteristics of strong battery life, low temperature, and high-efficiency discharge.

The company offers consumer and commercial lithium-ion batteries used in diverse applications including power tools, notebook computers, electric bicycles, medical devices and telecommunications systems.

LISHEN batteries are made of the highest quality components that have been rigorously tested to ensure safety measures for all users. In addition to being reliable and durable, LISHEN Battery is also cost-effective and powerful, dedicated to providing customers with reliable services and high-quality products, and enjoys a high reputation in the industry.

With a solid market position and technological advancement backed by years of experience and expertise, Lishen has become one of the most recognizable names in battery manufacturing.

Intellectual Property: Trademark 20, Patent 2905, Software Copyright 2.

Website: http://en.lishen.com.cn/



12. BAK

BAK enterprise building

Established: 2001

Company Profile: BAK is a lithium battery manufacturer, that has established itself as a leader in the industry over the years by creating reliable, high-performance and stylish batteries.

Their products are currently used in various fields including consumer electronics, automotive and medical devices. Thanks to their extensive research and development work, they have developed power solutions for almost all electronic devices today.

The company offers high-efficiency lithium-ion battery designs that can be customized to meet customer needs and deliver the highest quality at an affordable price. With exquisite workmanship, their products are durable, long-lasting, safe and secure.

Plus, every product comes with customer support, which further adds to its appeal. BAK batteries are equipped with innovative features such as advanced temperature management systems, flame retardant insulation materials, portability and fast charging capabilities - making them perfect for many applications!

Intellectual Property: Trademark 19, Patent 530, Software Copyright 3.

Website: http://www.bakpower.com/index_en.php



13. A123 system

A123 system enterprise building

Established: 2011

Company Profile: A well-respected battery manufacturer with a proven track record of reliable products, with operations in the US and Asia, A123 Systems manufactures advanced lithium-ion batteries and systems for the transportation, grid and commercial markets.

They are tailored to meet the needs of customers looking for advanced energy solutions commonly found in automotive, power tools, medical equipment, and other industrial applications.

A123 Systems' core differentiator is its proprietary Nanophosphate® lithium iron phosphate technology, which delivers superior power density and cycle life compared to conventional battery chemistries.

A dedicated team of technical experts provides its customers with engineering support, tailor-made system solutions and the highest safety and reliability standards for each product.

Intellectual Property: Trademark 9, Patent 830.

Website: http://www.a123systems.com/



14. Greatpower

GTEATPOWER enterprise building

Established: 2001

Company Profile: Greatpower is an experienced battery manufacturer with a distinguished image and impressive market positioning.

Its business scope covers a wide range of industries, and its products are mainly key components in consumer electronics, medical equipment, communication equipment, power tools, and instrumentation systems.

Greatpower's core strengths include reliable performance, best-in-class technology, on-time delivery, and signature customer service.

Greatpower is an excellent choice when looking for a high-quality and reliable battery for technology integration.

Intellectual Property: Trademark 14, Patent 231.

Website: https://www.greatpower-battery.net/



15. JEVE

JEVE enterprise building

Established: 2009

Company profile: JEVE is a battery manufacturer with strong brand recognition in the market and a unique position in different industries. Offers a wide range of products for various product applications, including lithium-ion batteries for electronics, systems for renewable energy storage, and other high-end batteries.

Its core strengths include consistent product quality and thoughtful after-sales service. Special measures are taken to check product quality at every stage of the production process to ensure that its parts are manufactured with high precision according to industry standards.

JEVE also provides timely technical support to customers as an added benefit when they are making decisions about the product or service delivered.

Intellectual Property: Trademark 28, Patent 875.

Website: http://en.ejeve.com/




PHYLION enterprise building

Established: 2003

Company Profile: PHYLION is an international battery manufacturer that takes a leading position in the lithium battery industry through continuous innovation and product improvement.

Its business scope covers R&D, production and sales of new energy storage products such as lithium-ion batteries. Products are widely used in various fields such as electric vehicles, power tools, solar inverters, and emergency backup systems.

PHYLION's core strengths include excellent charging performance, high cycle stability and customization flexibility, providing high-quality solutions for global customers' needs.

In addition, PHYLION has a strong team of professional engineers who can take advantage of leading technical research to maintain a competitive advantage.

Intellectual Property: Trademark 18, Patent 207.

Website: https://www.phylion.com/



17. RiseSun MGL

MGL enterprise building

Established: 2002

Company Profile: RiseSun MGL is a well-known battery manufacturer with decades of industry experience and a long track record of producing high-quality, reliable batteries.

Its business scope covers various batteries such as lithium-ion solutions for consumer electronics such as mobile phones, power tools, and electric vehicles. MGL also provides customization services for industrial applications such as aerospace and telecommunications, enabling customers to tailor solutions to their specific needs.

In addition to its impressive market position, MGL's many advantages, such as high energy density, stable performance over a wide temperature range, no memory effect, optimized safety protection measures, and strong self-discharge resistance, help to ensure the safety of its products. service life.

Therefore, MGL is able to meet the diverse needs of both consumer and industrial markets.

Intellectual Property: Trademark 3, Patent 459, Software Copyright 8.

Website: http://en.mgldl.com.cn/




DESAY enterprise building

Established: 1985

Company Profile: DESAY is one of the world's top battery manufacturers, specializing in cutting-edge batteries for various industries including automotive, marine, industrial and consumer electronics.

Products are highly sought after for their unique features and advanced designs. With a strong presence worldwide, DESAY provides its customers with reliable power supplies with excellent performance and long service life.

Using the most advanced technology to provide high-quality products, DESAY has established strategic partnerships with major brands to provide innovative solutions, enabling its partners to observe the latest trends in energy storage technology.

At the same time, DESAY's commitment to customer satisfaction and focus on product innovation make it an attractive choice for commercial and residential applications. It stands out from other competitors by offering high energy density and temperature stability in a small package to ensure safety during operation.

Core strengths thus include safety, reliability and innovation.

Intellectual Property: Trademark 194.

Website: https://www.desay.com/SzDesay/home.html




COSLIGHT enterprise building

Established: 1994

Company Profile: COSLIGHT is one of the leading battery manufacturers in the market, offering solutions for a wide range of applications and customer groups. Good at developing lithium-ion batteries, and other types of customized batteries that suit customers' needs.

Its business scope covers home appliances, communication technology, new energy vehicles and other industries. Its products are used in many fields such as electric tools and energy storage systems, and stand out from the competition by virtue of advanced research and development capabilities and cutting-edge technologies.

COSLIGHT has an experienced R&D team, constantly developing innovative solutions for customer needs. In addition, professional customer service can be provided according to customers' preferences and conditions, so the core strength lies in the ability to develop high-quality products with excellent performance at reasonable prices.

Intellectual Property: Trademark 16, Patent 1.

Website: http://www.cncoslight.com/



20. ALT

ALT enterprise building

Established: 1999

Company Profile: ALT is a leader in advanced lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries, providing the highest quality products to customers in the automotive, aerospace, commercial applications and other industries. ALT batteries are also used in special lighting systems and appliances.

Its products are designed using the latest technology to meet customer expectations for performance and longevity. Core strengths include efficient design with fast charging capability, long runtime, unconditional reliability and durability, extensive warranty, competitive price points and global customer support options.

Intellectual Property: Trademark 24, Patent 1048.

Website: https://www.atlbattery.com/en/index.html

Affordable Option for CATL Batteries - HARVEYPOW!

By comparison, CATL has ranked first in the industry for six consecutive years, with a market share as high as 38%. It can be seen that its product quality and quality control are obvious to all. But the high price still makes it unaffordable for many people.

Don't Worry! HARVEYPOW -  A top lifepo4 battery manufacturer focuses on the production of energy storage batteries for solar systems. The materials used are CATL's high-performance batteries, equipped with intelligent BMS balance management.

Our products have a cycle life of more than 8,000 times and a 12-YEAR WARRANTY and support OEM and ODM services. We create cost-effective, high-performance solar systems for energy and environmental protection!

Want to know more product and factory information, please feel free to contact us.


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