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What will happen if the lifepo4 energy storage battery is not charged for a long time?

When the lifepo4 battery is not in use, it will lose about 2% of its power every month. Therefore, when the LFP battery is stored for a long time, the power depletion will cause the battery voltage to be too low, which will damage the battery lifespan.

Can you overcharge a lifepo4 sotrage battery with a BMS?

No, after the BMS is set, it can prevent the battery from overcharging and over-discharging. In order to avoid possible irreversible damage to the battery.

Does a lifepo4 battery with BMS need a special charger?

No, you do not need a specific lithium battery charger.

Do LiFePO4 batteries pack need BMS?

Battery Management System (BMS) is an integral part of the modern battery system. It protects the cells in the lithium battery from various charge and discharge malfunctions such as overcharging, undercharging, and over-discharging, further improving the safety of the lifepo4 battery.

Can I mount the battery sideways?

The battery can be operated in any orientation.

What is the best way to store a wall mount lithium battery?

Batteries should be stored in a well-ventilated, dry area, and the temperature kept +15 to +35°C (59 to 95°F). Also remember to keep away from heat, water, strong magnetism. Click here to learn more about storing lifepo4 batteries.

Where do you put the positive side of this wall battery pack?

The positive and negative terminals are at the bottom of the battery, where red is positive and black is negative. If you connect the terminals incorrectly, you could damage your device or cause an explosion. So you can contact us for more information on batteries.

Do Wall Mount Battery in parallel have to be the same?

No. The voltage has to be the same, the capacity can be different, but using the exact same battery will give all batteries a longer life.

How many wall mount lithium battery would it take to power a house?

You will need three or more backup batteries for the whole house in most cases. They will be enough for essential loads and such large appliances as a central A/C, electric range, off-grid vehicle charging, electric dryer, electric water heater, pool equipment, etc.

How to install a wall battery pack to the wall?

Step 1: fix the back bracket on the wall with 6 screws(A total of 12 screw holes are optional). Step 2: snap the back groove of the wall mount battery into the corresponding groove of the bracket.

Does the wall mount lithium battery support outdoor installation?

Our wall mount batteries are IP65 rated, supporting all weather conditions for indoor or outdoor installation. However, for extreme weather in different regions, we recommend installing the battery in a cool, dry room without a strong magnetic field to better preserve battery performance.

How long can this wall mount solar battery power a house?

10 to 15 hours. Usually, a small and medium-sized family consumes 0.5-0.8kwh of electricity per hour, which means that a wall mount battery of 8.8kwh can support electricity consumption for 10-17 hours.
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