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HARVEYPOW was established in 2017. A Top Lithium battery manufacturer that focuses on battery system integration R&D and production.  

Our Products are mainly used in ESS, commercial energy storage and RV, and are composed of CATL cells and top BMS systems.

We have devoted ourselves to the development of new energy with young and full of enthusiasm, aiming to promote the realization of an efficient, sustainable and affordable new zero-carbon globally.

Lifepo4 battery pack manufacturer
Production workshop display

Adhering to the principle of energy saving and high efficiency, we resolutely put an end to the production of inferior products, built the most professional production R&D team, Installed complete high-tech machinery and extremely strict production process (automatic intelligent laser welding).

In just five years, we have impressed countless partners with the most solid product quality. We have more than 10,000 square meters of workshops and more than 200 employees. The monthly production capacity of battery packs can reach 10,000 sets, and 500,000 batteries are used for batteries.

TOP Lifepo4 Battery Pack Manufacturer

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R&D Engineers
residential ESS

OEM / ODM / Customized Service

Professional lifepo4 battery Manufacturer, create every possible ess solution!

Brand OEM
The customer selects the style and provides the corresponding trademark or designated pattern before placing the order.

Brand ODM (Customize from the current model)
Adjust the corresponding parameters/add hardware and software functions of the lifepo4 battery backup according to the specific needs of the customer.

Parameters: lfp battery pack capacity, voltage, current, battery pack size, and appearance, etc.
Software functions: Bluetooth, communication interface, output and input interface, relay, coulomb counter
Hardware function: heating plate, alarm horn, pulley, handle, display screen, switch style, atmosphere light, etc.

Customized (Develop Brand-New Products)

(1)The customer provides the usage scenario, according to the load of the electrical appliance, the usage rule of the electrical appliance, and the size of the battery compartment.
(2)R&D engineers meet customer demands and give general product suggestions and designs.
(3)Submit the design for customer reference, and continue to optimize and modify it in combination with the scene.
(4)Calculate the approximate amount, settle the deposit, and mass production.

lifepo4 battery manufacuturer customized orderchinese lfp battery manufacturer customized order

Production Workshop Display

Stack Strapping - Busbar Installation - Code Scanning Traceability - Laser Welding - Semi Finished Product Test - Harness Installation - BMS installation - Harness Arrangement - Finished Product Inspection - Packaging

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Production Process

23 avenues of processes and countless inspection and testing procedures to create top energy storage battery packs tailored for you!
23 production processes of lifepo4 battery pack
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Safety and rigor is our first element. For existing models, all products have CE/IEC/ROHS/EMC/MSDS/UL certifications, and for new custom-developed products, we will include a full set of certifications free of charge according to customer requirements.

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