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Haveypower is committed to providing innovative and excellent renewable energy solutions for residential energy storage systems, industrial and commercial applications.
Adhering to the principle of energy saving and high efficiency, we built the most professional production R&D team, Installed complete automatic high-tech machinery and process line under strict production requirements and rules. Use CATL battery cells and best BMS to manufacture the most advantageous high-quality lithium batteries and ESS with balanced competitive prices for the global market.

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Producing Process

Here you can learn about the production process of our lithium batteries
Battery Cell Screening

S1: Battery Cell Screening

S2: Cell voltage & IR detection

S3: Cell Capacity Splitting & Grouping

Connect the lifepo4 battery pack into a module

S4: Modules Laser Welding

BMS System Installation and Detection

S5: BMS & Components Installation

S6: Semi-finished Packs Inspection

S7: Aging Testing

Inspection and Packing

S8: Inspection and Packing

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Our lithium batteries and ESS meet all requirements of domestic and international related certificates and standards



Here you can learn and follow recent news about our company and lithium battery industry

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  • Lead-acid Battery Guidelines
  • Lifepo4 Battery Guidelines
  • Lithium Battery Guidelines
  • Ternary Lithium Battery Guidelines

Customer Evaluation

With many years of operation, our lithium batteries are widely popular and acclaimed by global customers for our high-quality products, professional solutions and customer-oriented services

Your expandable lifepo4 battery are quite popular and credited for it's flexible capacity choice,very convenient and practicable,easy installation

Batteries received last week,communication with our DEYE hybrid inverter is good,charge and discharge works very well,we have more confidence in getting more orders

I'm a New Zealand farmer and my farm solar system needs some high-energy storage batteries. Harveypower helped me with a big problem and now my farm works better.

It was a pleasure to work with Harveypower. I customized their stackable lifepo4 battery. The engineering team was very professional and gave me feedback on problems and solutions in a timely manner, which saved me a lot of time.

It's been four years since we've worked together, and thanks to Harveypower for bringing us the powerwall, its performance is the best of all the manufacturers we've tested, and it's now our best seller!

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