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48V228Ah Solar Lifepo4 Battery Pack 11.24kWh for Whole House

Item No:           F512228
Voltage:            48V/51.2V
Current:            228Ah
Capacity:          11.67Kwh
Cycle Life:        ≥8000 times(90%DOD).
Warranty:         12 Years
Certification:   MSDS/UN38.3/ROHS/CE/KC.

Lifepo4 48v battery pack with a suitable capacity for a large family, meeting all your family's needs.


Floor-standing lifepo4 48v battery pack features:

[Factory direct sales] - Professional lifepo4 battery pack manufacturer, the cooperation area has expanded to the world, meets various qualification certifications, and supports ODM and OEM services.
[Built-in Smart BMS] - Circuits that handle lifepo4 storage battery balancing, low-voltage cutoff, high-voltage cutoff, short-circuit protection, and temperature protection to improve performance and extend service life.
[20+ inverters Compatible] - The lifepo4 48v battery pack is compatible with almost all mainstream inverters on the market, and also supports debugging other brands of inverters according to customer needs.
[8000+ Deep Cycles and 90% DOD] - Our LiFePO4 battery for solar storage uses cells made by CATL, which can provide more than 8000 deep cycles, extending battery life for more than 20 years.
[Meet Home Energy Needs] - 11.67kwh capacity, very suitable for residential energy storage battery systems and solar energy storage. Enough to meet large home and office loads, including refrigerators, lamps, TVs, fans, air conditioners and other loads.

lifepo4 battery for solar storage specification:

Model No.F512228
Rated voltage48V/51.2V
Rated capacity228Ah
Rated energy11.67Kwh
Voltage range43.2-58.4V
Charge voltage58.4V (max.60V)
Charge currency100A
Continuous charge currency100A
Work temperature-20℃-60℃
Cycle life≥8000 times(90%DOD)
Connection type16S1P



Overcharge Test
Cycle Life Test
Short Circuit Test
Temperature Cycling Test


Squeeze Test
Drop Test
Crash Test
Acupuncture Test
VIDEO for the lifepo4 storage battery:

Exterior, production, packing, loading:

Lifepo4 Battery WholesaleWarehouse personnel are checking the appearance of the lifepo4 48v battery pack
Lifepo4 battery pack 48v in the warehouse are packed in individual wooden boxes and ready to be shipped out of the warehouseLifepo4 battery manufacturer ODM/OEM products are being loaded and out of the warehouse


  • Harveypower's BMS system monitors and regulates lifepo4 battery pack charge and discharge status. The monitored battery characteristics include the detection of battery type, voltage, temperature, capacity, state of charge, power consumption, remaining operating time, charge cycles, and more.
  • It can process and monitor up to 16 lifepo4 storage batteries at the same time, provide a battery balancing function, manage different batteries with the same charge and discharge requirements, and ensure the optimal utilization of the remaining energy in the battery.
  • BMS Specification:
ProjectContentdefault parameters Whether can set up
Overcharge ProtectionAlarm voltage3600mVY
Protection voltage3700mVY
Protection latency time1.0SY
Over-discharge ProtectionAlarm voltage2800mVY
Protection voltage2700mVY
Protection latency time1.0SY
Charging Over-current ProtectionAlarm current105AY
Protection current110AY
Protection latency time1.0SY
Short Circuit ProtectionProtection current≥400AY
Protection latency time≤300uSY
MOSFET High-temperature ProtectionAlarm temperature90℃Y
Protection temperature115℃Y
Batteries Temperature ProtectionLow temperature charging alarm/protection temperature0℃/-5℃Y
High temperature charging alarm/protection temperature60℃/65℃Y
The Environmental Temperature AlarmLow-temperature alarm/protection temperature-15℃/-20℃Y
High-temperature alarm/protection temperature65℃/75℃Y
A Serial Port CommunicationIsolated RS - 232 / RS - 485/Y
Bluetooth function/optional
Charging Current Limiting FunctionCharging current limiting current20Aoptional
Display ScreenDisplay function/optional
  • Installation and Testing


  • Our LiFePo4 battery packs are compatible with most inverter brands on the market, such as: PYLON,  SOFAR, GROWATT, VOLTRONIC, EAST, GOODWE, KELONG, INVTKSTAR, SRNE,  DEYE, MUST, SOLIS,  SCHNEIDER, VEICHI,  SMA, SACOLAR,  LUXPOWER, VICTRON,  STUDER.
  • For inverters of other brands, corresponding debugging services can be provided according to the communication protocol.
  • We have communication tests before and after battery module packing.
  • In addition, we also have a lifepo4 storage battery with integrated inverter, which can solve all problems at one time.
Deye Hybrid Inverter Sample UnboxingCommunication test between inverter and battery


  • LED Display (Optional)

Build an LED display outside the product group to visualize the overall data and status of the battery pack. You can also DIY the operation functions of the display according to your needs.

  • Self-heated Function (Optional)
The BMS system can be set with a self-heating function to make the battery system suitable for lower temperatures. 
When the temperature is below 0°C, through self-heating, the temperature of the battery can rise to above 10°C within a few tens of seconds, thereby activating the normal application of the battery. 
Start heating temperature: ≤0℃. Stop heating temperature: ≥10℃.
  • Bluetooth Function (Optional)
Can communicate with BMS in wireless mode. Users can connect the battery pack via Bluetooth, which allows visualizing all-important battery information such as voltage, current, temperature, SOC, SOH, errors, etc. 
Some parameters and switch systems can also be controlled remotely, making everything easy to use and manage.
  • State of Health (Optional)
It can detect and reflect the battery capacity, health, and performance status with the accumulation of battery usage time and the impact of the environment, effectively guiding how to maintain the battery

Not only can we know whether the remaining available capacity of the battery can meet our demand for the total temporary power consumption, but also know when each single battery and battery pack needs to be replaced and repaired.

  • More Optional


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Solar energy storage for EV
Solar energy storage system for car


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