Harveypower Lithium Battery Manufacturer Tour

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Harveypower Lithium Battery Manufacturer Tour

Harveypower focus on the production of ESS, industrial/commercial solar energy storage batteries and RV batteries, the batteries used are the world's top CATL brand, the ODM&OEM services are provided all over the world.

In this video I will give you an introduction about the structure of the Harveypower factory and show the processes and principles of the operation of each department.

Factory Introduction Timeline:

00:00 Factory History
00:56 Factory Division
02:38 Warehouse
02:56 Battery Cells External Inspection
04:15 Capacity Splitting
05:17 Wooden Barrel Theory
07:05 Battery Grouping
08:32 Battery Cells Data Record
08:55 Lifepo4 Battery Packs Workshop
13:23 Semi-finished Products
14:19 Aging Test

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A006, China Merchants Property, No.26, Guilan North Road, Nanhai District, Foshan City


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