HARVEYPOW Lithium Battery & MAGEREVO Inverter Connection Tutorial

HARVEYPOW Lithium Battery & MAGEREVO Inverter Connection Tutorial

Welcome to HARVEYPOW solar lithium battery tutorial! In this user-friendly guide, we'll walk you through the connection steps for your Energy Storage Battery and MAGEREVO Inverter. With the HARVEYPOW battery, MAGEREVO inverter, and a communication cable ready, you're all set.

Watch as we demonstrate the three simple steps:
1. Link the inverter's positive and negative poles.
2. Connect the battery's positive and negative terminals.
3. Establish a seamless communication port.

Embrace sustainable energy with ease and take control of your power system. Join us now to unlock the full potential of your solar setup!

In addition, HARVEYPOW lithium batteries are also compatible with nearly 30 other inverter brands. One-stop solution to communication troubles.

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