Harveypower Lifepo4 バッテリーの充放電テスト


Harveypower Lifepo4 バッテリーの充放電テスト

Welcome to our latest video showcasing the charge and discharge test of ハーベイパワー's LiFePO4 battery.

In this video, we demonstrate the step-by-step connection of the charge and discharge test equipment to our LiFePO4 battery, as well as the monitoring data of the battery pack from the BMS on the computer. This test allows us to evaluate the capacity, voltage, and overall performance of our battery, ensuring the highest quality and reliability for our customers.

私たちの 製品 have 8,500 cycles, so we are confident to provide customers with a 12-year warranty. We are committed to promoting high-quality energy storage batteries to the world and reducing environmental pollution with high-quality green energy.



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