Warranty Policy

Harveypower Lithium Battery Limited warranty

(Harvey Power)Foshan Haiweineng New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Provides the limited warranty in this document to buyers who purchase Harvey Power’s lifepo4 batteries.
Harvey Power and Authorized Sellers: the Agents, Distributors, Partners, etc. authorized officially by Harvey Power.
The end consumers or companies who purchase newly Lifepo4 Batteries(Products) which have not been installed or used from Seller directly.


1. Applicable Products

The warranty is applicable for the following Harvey Power products:
For new products which are not listed above,refer to the latest documents released by Harvey Power.


2.Warranty Policy

2.1 Warranty Start Date

The Warranty Start Date is the sale date recorded in the seller’s invoice to the Original Buyer.

2.2 Warranty Period

Harvey Power warrants that the product will be free from defects in materials or workmanship for five (5) years from Warranty Start Date, subject to the Warranty Exclusions and Appendix 1 set as below.

2.3 Performance Warranty

a) Harvey Power warrants that the Product will retain 85 percent (85%) of the Nominal Energy for five (5) years from the Warranty Start Date,or reach the Minimum Throughput Energy, whichever comes first, on the condition that the Product is operated under a normal use followed by the Manual provided by Harvey Power.
b) The Nominal Energy and Minimum Throughput Energy for Battery Products are set as the table below:


The Nominal Energy


Minimum Throughput Energy

















c) Capacity measurement condition
Ambient temperature: 25~30℃
Initial battery temperature from BMS: 25~30℃
Charging/discharging method:
Charge: (0.2) CC/CV (Constant voltage: (58.4) V/ Cut-off current 0.02C)
Discharge: (0.2)CC (Cut-off voltage: 43.2V)
Current at (0.2)C
Note. Current and voltage measurement at battery DC side.

2.4 Warranty Limitations

The Limited Warranties in clauses 2.2 and 2.3 are subject to and must be read and complied with Clause 3. Warranty Exclusions, Clause 4. About Service Products/Parts, Clause 5. Claim Payment Policy, Clause 6. Applicable Law, and Appendix 1 set as below.

3. Warranty Exclusions

Damage to the Products resulting from any of the following activities is not covered by this Limited Warranty:
(1) Without payment to the Seller, the Buyer may pay the unpaid amount to the Seller in support of the warranty claim under the circumstances that the Seller has the right to refuse the warranty request in accordance with this clause.
(2) Not complying with the User Manual from Harvey Power of the product and "Appendix 1 - Usage and Transportation requirements".
(3) Product damage caused by modification, alteration, disassembly, repair or replacement maintenance and other services conducted by personnel unauthorized by Harvey Power.
(4) Damage or defect arises due to the buyer's unauthorized use of his own design, materials, mixed, function changed or service to the Products.
(5) Product damage and the defect caused by buyer’s improper use, mixed-use, misuse, abuse, which is non-conforming with User Manual.
(6) Appearance damage, deformation, abrasion, stain, rust, mildew, or similar external influences caused by the buyer during use.
(7) Improper transportation, storage, installation, wiring and use with faulty or incompatible devices by Buyer. If Buyer fails to use the original packaging materials during the transportation of the equipment, the Products damage or failure shall not fall under the warranty scope of the product.
(8) The model number, nameplate or product serial number of the product has been altered.And if there’s logo, erased or unrecognizable or the tamper-evident logo(covering OEM, ODM logo) has been arbitrarily damaged.
(9) Products suffered any external influences including unusual physical, natural force, electrical stress (power failure surges, inrush current, lightning, flood, fire, accidental breakage, etc.
(10)Product damage caused by an external force, force majeure (causes of natural disasters such as unforeseeable, unavoidable and insurmountable objective events, including but not limited to war, civil war, strike, riot or other activities intervened by government, terrorism, war, riots, strikes, unavailability of suitable and sufficient labor or materials and other events which are out of control of Harvey Power) or other third parties.
(11)Damage of Products arises due to renewal of the national or regional laws or regulations.
(12)Product damage and the defect caused by the End User deliberately or by a willful act.
(13)Use of an incompatible inverter, rectifier or PCS.
(14)Products failure is not reported to Harvey Power or Authorized Service Partner within 2 weeks of appearance.
(15)The defect cannot be overcome under the technology condition when the Product sold to End Consumer.
(16)Warranty period specified above has already expired.

4. About Service Products/Parts

(1) If the product fails, the Buyer shall cooperate with the Seller to obtain the faulty equipment usage information, including but not limited to: faulty equipment serial number, working temperature, usage mode, supporting energy storage inverter manufacturer/model/specification, power consumption equipment power information, PV system configuration information, fault phenomena, operating procedures, battery operation logs, etc.
(2) When both parties agree that the product belongs to the warranty scope, Buyer can use spare parts to replace the fault equipment, before using of spare parts to replace the fault equipment, the Buyer shall confirm with the Seller in writing and provide the serial number of the failed equipment and the serial number of the spare parts to be installed in time.
(3) After both parties have jointly agreed that the product belongs to the warranty scope, Buyer may replace the faulty components with spare parts. Before replacing the faulty components with the spare parts, the Buyer shall confirm with the Seller in writing and provide the serial number of the failure equipment and the serial number of the spare parts to be installed in time.
(4) If the two parties disagree with whether the faulty equipment meets the warranty conditions, the products may be tested jointly by the ways approved by both parties, or the products shall be submitted to the third-party testing institutions recognized by both parties. Both parties can provide reasonable opinions on the test methods, basis and conclusions. The testing fee shall be borne by the Buyer first. If the testing result proves that the product meets the warranty conditions, the Seller shall pay the transportation fee and testing fee generated in full to the Buyer, and assume the responsibility for the faulty equipment warranty.

5. Claim Payment Policy

Harveypower reserves the right to refuse a product warranty claims for lacking proper documentation and information.
Claims under this Warranty must be made by notifying the Seller from whom Products was purchased within 2 weeks of appearance.
For a Warranty Claim to be processed, it must include but not be limited following items:
(1) Proof of the original
(2) Description of the alleged defect(s) from authorized service center
(3) The relevant Product’s serial number and the initial date of the warranty
Buyers who are unable to contact the Seller from whom the Product was purchased should contact Foshan Haiweineng New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd
Website:https://www.harveypoweress.com/ Email: info@harveypoweress.com

6. Applicable Law

The Warranty is subject to the Territory Consumer Law. The certification which is excluded in the English
language shall prevail in the event of a conflict between the English version and the translated Chinese version.


Appendix 1

Usage and Transportation Requirements

This product includes a lifepo4 battery and the Accessory Components. In order to ensure that the buyer is entitled to full warranty policy, the following clauses should be strictly observed in the transportation and use of products. The product failure or damage caused by violation of the following requirements is not covered by this Limited Warranty.
1. Operating environment requirements
Working temperature:0~50℃
Working humidity: 5%~85% RH
Altitude: <4000m
No conductive dust and corrosive gas
Installation location should be away from the sea to avoid brine and high humidity environment.
The ground is flat and level.
There is no flammable explosive near to the installation places.
Keep away from dust and messy zones, water source and heat source, prevent equipment from entering water and overheating.
2. Storage environment requirements
Short-term storage environment:
Within 3 months of temperature range is -20~45℃
Relative humidity <85%RH. No corrosive gases.
More than 3 months long-term storage environment:
temperature range for 0~35℃
Relative humidity <65% RH
No corrosive gases
If long-term storage is required, it should be recharged every 6 months, and no less than 80% of SOC should be charged.
Keep away from dust and messy zones, water source and heat source, prevent equipment from entering water and overheating.
3. Transportation requirements
(1) When the product is transported separately, the individual products should be transported with the original packaging materials of the Seller. If long-distance transportation such as sea transportation is required, additional packaging measures should be taken to ensure the safety of transportation. The product stack in transportation does not exceed 6 layers.
(2) If the product does not use Seller's original packaging material transportation, Buyer shall fully consider the risks of vibration, drop and collision in the transportation process, and adopt adequate product protection measures.
4. Equipment installation requirements


External inspection

a) Check the appearance for damage and check the attachment variety and quantity according to the packing list.

b) Verify that the device is off state.


Electrical specification



a) The nominal voltage of the battery pack is 51.2V, and it should be confirmed that the parameters is matched and compatible with inverter.

b) Confirm that the maximum charging and discharging current designed by the system meets the specification requirements of the battery pack.

c) The external power supply should not generate a surge that causes damage to the battery or BMS.



a) When connecting the power line, pay attention to the positive and negative electrode, avoid reverse connection and short circuit.

b) It is forbidden to connect the battery directly to ac power.

c) The battery can be used in parallel and not in series.

d) Do not mix batteries with other brand or other types of batteries.

e) The battery should be reliable grounding, grounding resistance should be less than 1 Ω.

5. Equipment Use



a) The battery's long-term continuous charging current should be subject to Manual or Datasheet

b) If the battery capacity is empty, please charge it within 48 hours after the battery is empty.



a) The long-term continuous discharge current of the battery should be subject to Manual or Datasheet

b) The recommend maximum depth of discharge (DOD)of battery pack is no more than 90%.



a) This Warranty covers a capacity equivalent to 1 full cycle per day for six (6) years.

b) Full cycle: Discharge the Nominal capacity of a fully charged battery and fully charge it afterwards. Micro cycles sum up to full cycles according to amount of energy charged and discharged.



To remove the battery, disconnect the external power supply and turn off the switch.



It is forbidden to open the battery shell or dismantle the components before obtaining the written authorization of Seller.


Fire emergency

In case of emergency, for the use of fire-fighting equipment, use only

dry powder fire extinguishers.